The early warning alert and response network system (EWARN) is a part of the surveillance system and apply during the emergencies. The main objectives of the EWARN are to detect earlier and respond promptly to signals that might indicate epidemic.

There are two components of the EWARN. The first one is the immediate alert component (for early verification and investigation); and the second is the weekly reporting component (for monitoring the trends of the events).

The health facility enters the data through devices electronically, and then will be received at concerned governorate and national levels at the same time. Data analysis provided at the national levels for monitoring the trends identifying any abnormal increase, prepares and distributes the weekly bulletin. The immediate reporting verification conduct by the governorate department of health, WHO and other partners.

EWARN has been established in Iraq in November 2013 after the massive displaced of Syrian refugees in the northern region of the country. After the internal displacement during 2014 the EWARN extended to include all the health facilities serving the displaced populations in all the governorates of Iraq. E-EWARN developed earlier in 2015.

This EWARN dashboard allows users to access the data of a particular EWARN reporting health facilities by week. Moving the cursor on the map will allow accessing the data by health facility and governorate by week. Brief descriptive analysis page is including the data of each health facility by week of onset. There is summary analysis of the events and including also the calculation of the expected report of the disease event in the next week, which may indicate abnormal increase if the real trend cross the estimated line if the is no any other factors like reaching of new populations to the camp.

The development of this dashboard has been funded by the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection and the United States Agency for International Development's Office of U.S. Foreign Disaster Assistance.